Thursday, June 7, 2012

What we ate today

 This is the breakfast we thoroughly enjoyed today.
 This is the lunch I packed for my 5 year old today. Yep, that is a tomato. We like to eat 'em like apples.

The older boys were going to be at a Scout day camp, so I packed lunches for them and did not want to leave him out. He doesn't do well with wheat, so he got leftover rice from yesterday.

This is what I packed for the 4 other boys. Larabars are a luxury around here. I thought they would be appreciated by the boys on this fast paced busy day. They were. The sandwich has Vegenaise and tomatoes.  My 10 year old said he loved the lunch. :)
I got to go out with some of my newest friends today. They took me to an Iris flower farm, to the Garden of Eaton (the town is Eaton, Colorado), then we enjoyed high tea at a tea house. It was so fun. We each put on a dressy hat that we picked from a hat room and were taken to our own special tea room. We were served 4 mini courses of decadent food. It was fun and  delicious. Our waiter was a character that I enjoyed.  I had a fabulous time with fabulous company. The day before, my friends garden was ruined from quarter sized hail and she lost several calves in a flood. She was so good to take me along on this fun day when her world at home had just been turned upside down. Then again, it was a good day to think of lighter things.

For dinner we had grilled, marinated portabellos, and hamburgers for those who wanted meat. I also made a pea salad and got out the baked sweet potatoes from yesterday. It has been a good eating day.

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  1. Really good eating day! And your High Tea looks like so much fun!!!