Monday, June 25, 2012

Those Dangblasted Chickens!

I did not have money this year to buy flowers for my yard. I love flowers but I can't eat them, so they had to stay off of my budget.
Last year I had bought some Marigold seeds that I did not end up planting, so I thought that since I couldn't buy flowers, I could still put some seeds in the ground and see how they did. I got them in late because of all of the construction in the garden beds, but I am enjoying them still.

I also saw at Sutherland's 2 weeks ago that their bedding plants went down to 50 cents for 4 plants. I bought a few Moss Roses and planted them too. (Those are my Dad's favorite - he wants them planted on his grave someday. I would rather plant them now and think of my Dad than think of when I would be putting them on a grave :( 

 Fast Forward to Yesterday when I got home from church.


My chickens had a hay day in my flower planter!!!!
I am not happy with them!

All of the flowers are gone and my soil mixture is everywhere! If I thought I could teach them a lesson I would but pretty much I just have to live with it and hope it doesn't happen again. Not fun.

They had also been in the garden and flattened my peas and lettuce. I am thinking an 8 foot white picket fence would be an awesome investment.


  1. BAD chickens! Remember when there was a deer hanging in the shed, and the chickens ate it? It's amazing what they go for.