Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Chicken Coop

 My husband has been working on a new chicken coop out of old barn wood. We are getting 30 chickens to add to the 17 we already have. Several of us don't even eat eggs, but the people at the Farmers market will appreciate them!

Our chickens free range during the day and get shut in their coop for safety from foxes at night. I have to keep an alarm on my phone to remember to put them in. The problem is that the chickens go to their coop on their own when it gets dark, and the sun is going down later and later, so the phone has to be set to different times periodically!

The spaces between the boards of the coop will be closed in by another layer of boards. It is turning out cool. My husband said if he had time he would put a false front on it so it would look like the old western storefronts. Then he wants to put a sign out front that says, "Coup DeVille" or something like that. He is really witty, so when he said it I had to giggle.

We are trying to transition the hens (and 2 hens that grew up into roosters we just found out) into the new coop because it has a better door. It is funny to shut them up in there and open it in the morning to have the older hen run to the old coop to lay her egg. I hope she can get the hang of the new coop. Funny birds. I hope they like their new house.


  1. Wow, that's really an awesome coop! Brian did such a great job.
    Funny stories, too :)