Friday, June 22, 2012

Different plates for different tastes

This was my dinner plate. I made ribs for those who wanted meat and put carrots, potatoes and onions in with it in the crockpot that I could enjoy. I steamed some asparagus, made a cucumber salad, steamed and mashed some cauliflower, and made gravy from the roast.  

This is my sons plate. He wanted meat and potatoes on his plate. We leave it up to each person in the family to choose their diet. I am still teaching them about food combining and that the potatoes and carrots weren't going to digest well with his meat, but I didn't force him to eat how I thought he should. After dinner when he was tired, he did mention that maybe I was right. :) That's all it takes. Gentle reminding of truths and then letting them choose and see for themselves.


  1. You plate definitely looks the best (minus the gravy for me)! I love that you let them learn from their choices and to recognize how those choices affect them!

    I can't wait for your recipes in your Whole Foods binder!

  2. I think I might invite myself for dinner.