Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charitable Dentist

Here is a picture of me today in pain from a tooth procedure right after I rode my bike home from the dentist.

My tooth has been broken for about a year. It took losing our insurance really soon to take advantage of it.

I have to tell you about the Dentist, Dr. Zobell. My first time going into his waiting room really impressed me. There are pictures all over of him doing dental work in 3rd world countries. There are blankets and artifacts from his travels on the walls. I also noted Books Of Mormon on his stand of reading material for people who are waiting to be seen. 

What impressed me the most was what he did for  an elderly woman who was having trouble walking. He came in the waiting room and walked her back into his offices. Then when they were done, he walked her carefully all the way out to her car. I loved to see this compassion in a doctor's office. Here is a link if you want to see him and thank our Father in Heaven for blessing us with charitable people in our lives.

Today I rode my bike 4 miles to have my tooth checked on. I didn't see a place to keep my bike, so I put it next to the curb. When I was in with the Doctor a little while later, he asked if he could put my bike in a better place. I said yes, and he walked out and brought it into the entryway for me! I know it is not just because this is a small town or some other excuse for his charitable behavior because I have lived in smaller towns and dentists don't usually take the time to be of service. I have been very impressed by him and I wanted to share! Now, off to get used to my tooth not being broken anymore. :)

P.S. The dentist's assistant went on about how clean my teeth are. She said on a scale of 1 to 10, my tarter was .5, and that was after 2 years of not being to the dentist for a cleaning. I brush with Dr. Christopher's Herbal Tooth Powder, and I eat whole foods!

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