Thursday, July 18, 2013

The garden at Liberty Hill Farms in July

Some of our 9 foot tomato plants in July. We have months of growing to do. What are we going to do with these monsters?

The peppers are growing like weeds. :) I won't get rid of this kind of weed!

These tomatoes are the first full harvest we had. They were yummy..... No, I did not sell these guys. They were the first fruits of the harvest which equals high standing in vegetable world. Nobody would want to pay the price I would put on these babies! I love eating them and knowing there are no pesticides sprayed on them.

In the forefront is the heirloom organic corn we are growing. In the background is the totally awesome hoophouse getting built. It is going to make it so we can grow earlier and later in the season which equals more varieties of foods longer in the year. It is also a great insect repellent! (Bugs can't freely get inside.)

This is a fuzzy shot of some more of the garden. We have 100 rows like the ones you see here. They are 18" wide and 30 feet long. It has been a lot of work putting this garden together but the education alone has been worth it. 

So, there you go. Another month goes by and a ton of things happen at the farm. We are starting to have more produce on our table and money in our pockets from people supporting our efforts through ordering and enjoying our vegetables. July has been a good garden month.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flood Watering with a Dishcloth

We are flooding our garden beds today so I thought I'd show you how it is done.
To start with we made beds that are level and have banks to keep the water where the roots are. The area that is being flooded in this video is about 12" wide and 30' long. That is the size of bed recommended by and is the size we used for all 100 of our soil beds. It works very well.
In the video I show how I tie an old dishcloth onto the end of a hose to keep the direct flow of water from digging a hole in the soil. I have been watering this way for 2 years and I love it. Once we make the pvc watering system we will be abandoning this hose flooding, but until then there isn't a better way.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Diet Rebel

 I wanted to pass this good find on to you. Actually I have been using recipes from this book for quite a while but the book has entered my life again just recently.

The Diet Rebel is one of my favorite books. Often I am tempted to dive into the large project of writing a book, but books like these show that all I have to do is pass on good information that has already been written. If I wrote a book it would be exactly like the Diet Rebel. I agree with what it has to say, and I LOVE the recipes. They are down to earth simple, have the ingredients I agree with, and are yummy! I have loaned my copy out and will be getting another one. :) I like the no fuss sprouted breads that you can make in your food processor. Pretty cool.

Happy Healthy,