Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Progress

They are growing fast! They will be so yummy!
This view shows more green in the beds than has been there previously. My next big project will be figuring something out for the walkways. If I let the prarie grass grow in, it will eventually grow up through my beds and I DON'T want to deal with that.
The onions are getting tall. The high winds blow them over here but they are still thriving.  The stems would be like green onions to use, but I want the bulbs to get big so I am letting all of the stems gather sunlight to feed the bulbs instead of eating them.
 We are eating peas!!!  The first variety of peas to produce have been the Sugar Snaps. I planted a Lincoln variety on the same day as these, but they are slower to produce. I really like these Sugar Snaps because I can eat the entire pod. It seems less wasteful  than opening up the pod, eating the peas, then throwing away the pod. I wonder if I could juice the pod?
I bought heirloom seeds and potatoes this year so I can save all of the seeds and plant them next year. I ordered these pretty early in the season, so I was worried about how well they would do. They are doing great! I planted Pontiac Reds and Yukon Gold. I have had great luck with both of these in the past.
I learned from an old farmer to not water potatoes after you plant them until the plant shows up on top of the soil. I always do that and I always have good results. If you water them too much early on they will rot.
When I finally got my tires leveled and ready to plant it was getting late for planting so I hurried and got them in. Well, I didn't keep track very well of what was going where, so right now I don't know which kind of squash these are! I love surprises though, so as long as they are healthy I am happy!
I really want to know what kind of weeds these are. They grow with prolific abandon around here. I know that some greens that we call weeds because they are growing where we don't want them, are actually more nutritious than what we are having a hard time growing. I would love to know if I should be cultivating this type of weed instead of killing it.
I have a contact who will be coming to my yard soon to identify wild edibles, so I will let you know!
This picture of the quick growing corn tells a picture about how busy I am with trying to get my binder system ready for its debut, blogging, Farmers Market, website design and email correspondence.
I have kept the garden watered and fertilized, and once in a while I take the time to get the worst weed problems under control but they have taken over for the most part. There is a haven of spare time in my kind-of near future when I will once again reign in my garden. For now I will grant the weeds a few more days sabatical in my beautiful garden.

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  1. Thank you for your garden pictures and thoughts along the way.