Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mom and Dad's garden

 I am at my family reunion and enjoying my parents garden. They have worked really hard on it since they moved here 5 years ago. Every year some major improvement is done in time for the reunion.
In this picture my niece Savannah is checking out the asparagus. It is a little past picking time but there are a few spears that my Dad let me have and it is sooo yummy. This asparagus is in i'ts second year, so the reason we don't pick it after it's first 6 weeks of the season is to let the roots get nice and healthy to produce even more next year.

 Savannah is showing her toothless smile here. She is quite the ham. She is also probably the most intelligent person I have ever known. Not even joking.

 My Dad was a landscape artist years ago. Every house he has built, he has made the yard a showpiece. It's a good thing his health has improved this last year so he can keep up with his works of art. It helps too that my Mom is a gifted artist. They do things together that are amazing.
I liked this baby pine tree. It will be fun to see it grow through the years.
 Notice the yield sign across the road with a cow on it. :)

Isn't this a cool old  mower? My parents have always liked antiques. When I was around 9 years old we had a draft horse and an antique pioneer hand plow. My little sister and I would sit on him and guide him pulling the plow while my Dad would be behind us handling the plow. We have video of it. I love that memory.

Romaine lettuce. Yum.
 This was one of the big projects for the year.  My parents went to an actual volcano that has a sign saying you can gather the volcanic rock but not sell it. They even had some injuries in the process. Volcanic rock is very sharp.  This little pond has water that comes from the top and gushes down, and the pump in the pool at the bottom sends up a spray. It is beautiful.

Here is a picture of the asparagus at the base. It is a really neat plant. The tops are all feathery and have little tiny berries on them. I have some planted at my house but they are not up yet. I have wondered if they would come up at all because it was a last minute purchase at a hardware store. I have wondered if the roots were even alive. My Dad told me he had the same thoughts about these asparagus, and it took about 3 months for them to surface. I will keep watering mine and hope for the best. I would so love to have it at my house.

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