Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday 5/27/2010

Coleslaw - I know - coleslaw for breakfast? Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do! Belly ache though, is what happens when you have coleslaw for breakfast!

salad from Ridley's
Annie's Naturals Caesar Salad Dressing
Stone ground wheat crackers

1 gummy worm - a new pre-fishing tradition :)
dutch oven burger, carrots, peas, corn, onions
3 sprouted wheat biscuits roasted on a stick over a fire

My boys ate the fish we caught. I put butter and lemon in the fish and rolled it
in tin foil. A couple of minutes in the fire was all it took. My 3 year old Josiah
ate both of the fish he caught!;)

Wednesday May 26, 2010

3 saltines
1 mint
berry smoothie

carrot soup
big salad with homemade dressing

pasta salad
3 T. cheesecake
5 cookies

This day's eating was not so great and the next day I did not feel my best.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5/25/2010 Tuesday

Before noon:
Green Smoothie
frozen bananas
frozen mixed berries
frozen spinach
wheat germ oil

After noon:
Pre-made salad from Ridley's
mixed greens

Carrot soup warmed in the blender
dollop of butter

wasabi almonds (these are not the healthiest choice because they have been cooked - it would have been better to have raw almonds but they were not available, and the wasabi is so yummy)

Chicken Breast in the crockpot
garlic powder
ginger powder
onion powder
sea salt

Rice cooked in organic chicken broth(rice was not sprouted as I'd have preferred)

Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes and garlic vinaigrette

I realize that supper was a food combining no-no having protein and starch combined in a meal. It was not planned that way - it just happened. I can't let that happen too often but once in a while it is o.k. I should have taken some enzymes with it to help it digest better.

I also had half a chip with salsa at the Rock Rabbit. My husband wanted me to try it and it was very good! Next time I'll eat at the restaurant instead of beforehand at home:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday 5/24/2010

This is my first post in my Garden of Eatin' blog. I will be blogging about my whole foods intake. I think it will help me to stay on track eating the things I know are best for me if others can see what it is I am choosing and perhaps I can inspire others to fuel their bodies well. I do not think that diet has to be 100 % perfect. I believe in moderation in all things so I am shooting for 60 - 80% whole foods and will be fine with whatever else happens within reason.

Today before noon:
1 clove of garlic shredded and swallowed with water (had a cold trying to begin)
4 saltine crackers to ease the pain the garlic gave my empty stomach
2 cups of berry smoothie
1 cup red raspberry leaf tea

After noon:
1 bowl raw carrot soup made in the fantastic Blend-Tec blender
2 2"x2" pieces of dairy free, egg free sprouted wheat corn bread (I made it with honey for the
sweetener and it is soooooo good.

Dinner will be steamed herbed potatoes, more cornbread, and peas. (We are out of fresh greens or we would be having a salad also.)