Saturday, June 16, 2012

Building the garden

I had a dream.  My dream for years has been to have a big enough garden that I would not have to go to the store for produce. I have had a garden of some sort every year for the 17 years I have been married. Growing up, my family always had a garden too. Some years my garden was gigantic, and some it was very small.
My dream garden started this winter as a plan in my head that I put down on paper. It changed a few times until I got

Then in March, the building began.
My neighbor came over and smoothed the area with his tractor.

It started out with just one bed at a time. I build the frame and measured where it should go, then leveled it.

 My husband filled in the gaps from the framed box to the ground where it was not level.

When 2 rows of beds were built, I put down cardboard so the grass would not grow up through the soil. Then my neighbor came over with his tractor and filled the beds with topsoil until only the top 6 inches of bed was empty. I put gypsum on the topsoil for a soil conditioner.

My neighbor then put a bucket of sand in each bed from my huge pile of sand that I had brought in, and I mixed in peat moss until it was 50% peat and 50% sand.

Every time I had two rows built, we went through
the same process. We did that so the tractor could
access the beds easily.  I had actually been going
to fill each bed using a wheelbarrow. One day when
I was out working and feeling overwhelmed with
all I needed to do before I could plant, I stood there
and said a short little prayer for help.  That day my
neighbor, Bob, came over and told me I needed
to let him help me with the tractor. I was
overwhelmed with the love my Father in Heaven
has for me to help me with this  so quickly.

Caped Helpers

 I had a dream, and there it is. Beautiful.


  1. Your garden is amazing! All your hard work will pay off big time, I'm so impressed!

  2. I just checked out the link to your garden plan - that is just awesome. Another example of your organizational skills :)