Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish

   Oh boy. I wish I had a picture of this but I was way to stunned to do anything for a few minutes. My head was reeling, and my heart was racing, and I was giggling.
   So, I went to the Farmers Market yesterday and helped a friend of mine sell her local honey. I was standing at her table when an older gentleman and his wife came up to us. I was on alert when he got an interesting gleam in his eye and started walking towards me. He got pretty close and put his arm around me with his hand on my back.
   People get pretty friendly at the market sometimes. It's like a big party with an energy that makes me soar. It is definitely my element and I will be spending a lot of time there this summer but I was not prepared for what happened next! 
   This gentleman went in for a hug, and I let him because at this point I thought that perhaps he was mentally challenged. You know sometimes people like that can be really friendly and want to hug you and hang on you. I am o.k. with that, and with that funny look on his face, I thought that was the deal. I was wrong.
  Next thing I know, this man was dipping me backwards and coming at my face with his long handle bar mustache and puckered lips!!! He was taking my t-shirt literally which said, "Kiss Me I'm Irish".  I wriggled out of his embrace and he started laughing. Turns out he is a big tease and was going for a reaction and not the real thing. Phew. His wife was standing there like this was nothing new, just another day with this goofball of a husband.
   Well, when I understood that it was a big joke and I wasn't being accosted by a mental patient, and he was joking about how I shouldn't wear that shirt if I didn't want to be kissed, I leaned forward with my finger pointing to my cheek and he kissed it.
   The couple didn't buy any honey but went on to the next table while I stood there and giggled with my new friend Rachel. I looked up once and he smiled at me friendly from a few tables down.
   You never know what will happen at the farmers market!


  1. That is hilarious, Elisa - I love it! You have a way with words, and that's as good as a picture!!!

  2. Think how hard he would have laughed if you had told him you thought he was a mental patient!! HAHAHAHA!