Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grocery Shopping

This is what my grocery cart looks like when I come out of Sam's Club. I am keeping track of what recipes I use from my Whole Foods Binder System and what I am spending on them to feed my family of 7 (5 of them being big boys).  Yesterday when I went shopping I went to Natural Grocers for special things I can't get anywhere else, Sam's for bulk produce and my husbands ketchup :), and to King Supers for the things I did not need in bulk. Even though we are operating on a much lessened budget, we are keeping up on our whole foods so we can stay healthy. It will be cheapest for us to stay healthy and not have any doctor bills. I am doing this carefully though too, by purchasing fruits that are in season or cheap and not worrying about eating everything organic. Maybe I could be more careful with which fruits I am choosing - it's a process. My grocery cart from King Supers did show organic bananas just because the price was very comparable to non organic. I am also saving by eating the greens from my garden. Yay! I am planting way more of those.   

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