Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spelt Pita Bread

 This is my 10 year old boy getting the spelt ground up so he can make pita bread. Lately he has been making it every day to go with lunch.

You can see the microwave in the background. I do not use it and wish it was not in the kitchen because of its radioactive properties, but I have not yet won that battle.

I know of a kid who did a science experiment with 2 plants. He watered 1 plant with water from the tap and the other plant was watered with the tap water that had been microwaved and cooled. The plant that got the microwaved water did not live but the other one thrived. Interesting.

My husband made this drawer to catch the flour as it is ground. The grinder was given to us by my Dad, but it was missing a drawer.
He made the drawer out of one piece of wood and did a great job. Before, when I tried to use the grinder, flour went spraying everywhere! It was quite the mess to clean up. :)


  1. Wow, the drawer turned out great, looks like it works perfectly. I love how your kids are involved with the garden and food preparation. No Little Red Hen stories at your house!

    I don't use my microwave anymore, either :)

  2. I would love your recipe for this - will it be in your Whole Foods Binder System or a future newsletter?