Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rice And Beans

I cooked the rice and veggies separately, then added them together. The turmeric in the rice makes it that vibrant yellow color. I had to use the white rice in our food storage. I'm glad I have it but I wish it was brown rice.

Here it all mixed together. We put it on top of a scoop of re-fried beans for dinner. We should have had a salad too, but time was not on my side.


  1. That looks so yummy. What are your veggies that you put in there?

  2. It is one of the recipes going into my Whole Foods Binder System. It has onions, peppers and peas. It was yummy with the re-fried beans. I just read a blog where someone wrote that they only eat foods that their particular ancestors ate. That would be sad because then we couldn't enjoy rice and beans! What would that mean for us? What would we eat?

  3. Another reason I can't wait for your binder system - this looks like a yummy recipe!

    I'm pretty sure my ancestors ate pretty boringly. I love the variety that's available today. I bet they never had a kiwi, goji berries, jicama, or even a coconut!