Tuesday, June 12, 2012

food Journal 6/11/12

16 oz. water ( I had another one around 7:30 but the picture got lost)

Another photo was lost of my 4 slices of watermelon for breakfast around 9:30 am.

I tested the pitas my 10 year old made. I knew I was going to have starches in my lunch, so I didn't have too much of the pita (they were made with freshly ground spelt flour). He did a good job!

Lunch was leftover pasta salad.

Dinner was kinda late. I am working on typing up my binder and forgot what time it was.  The greens shown here are from my garden. I also had a bit of the roast and veggies. Nine times out of 10 I won't eat the meat, but today I chose to.

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  1. Neat idea to track your eating this way. When we don't pay attention we can nibble all day without noticing, and that adds up! I'm going to do this!