Monday, July 23, 2012

Winter Gardening books and something EXCITING!

These are the books I am studying every spare minute I have (which hasn't been enough!). It is my plan to have food all through the fall and winter. I have often had carrots in the garden at Christmas time that I go out and dig, but I want to take it further than that this year. I hope I get enough time to study it to make it successful. Sometimes doing is the same as studying. I'd like to have some books behind me before I 'dig' in too deep though. Thank goodness I am going to have an amazing mentor to walk me through it. Oh, I didn't tell you?  Jim Kennard, author of many a garden book and President of is coming to my house for a few days to mentor me. I am soooo excited!  I know I am going to 'grow' leaps and bounds with what he will have to teach me and I am anxiously looking forward to meeting him! Just think of the bounteous harvest he is going to inspire! :)

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