Friday, July 20, 2012

Groceries for the next week or two

This is the food that I bought for $219 that will feed my family of 7 for the next week or two, depending on how much produce from the garden we supplement it with. We will have more fruit than this because of the double fruit share from a CSA that I purchased earlier in the summer. I just thought it would be fun to post this. My son and I had a fun time trying to make everything fit and be visible on the table. :)  I didn't think of doing this until on the way home from grocery shopping, so this is a very real view of our groceries.  Some of the items, like the taco shells and healthy oat packs were spur of the moment add-ins. Usually we make the shells, and usually I am too budget conscious to buy packaged oats but I thought it would be fun to give the boys each a box for a treat. You may wonder what I will do with such a huge bag of carrots. I juice them! I love juiced carrots and go through them way too fast. I got them for $9 at King Supers.

Anyway, here are our groceries for the next while.

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