Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Asparagus and Kohlrabi

When I left for my family reunion  a week ago, I thought the asparagus I had planted had been too far gone to survive. I had bought the roots at a hardware store for cheap and was just hoping for the best. I kept watering this bed just in case.  I loved seeing the asparagus in my Dad's garden and thought I would plant again in the fall. I got home though, and lo and behold there was asparagus!!!  We won't have any to eat this year, but next year we will be able to sample them sparingly. We will let the roots grow strong and then the year after that we will be in asparagus heaven!

This is Kohlrabi. If you haven't tasted it, it is crunchy with a very mild flavor. We eat it raw in salads. It is best not to let it get too big because it can get tough and woody. When it is about a baseball size we will harvest it, peel it, and cut it up to enjoy it. The last ones I grew were green so it was fun for these to be growing purple. I will let one of these go to seed so I can save the seeds for next year.

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