Saturday, July 21, 2012

My 5 year olds surprise for Mom

This morning when I was dressing after my shower, my almost 6 year old yelled through the door that I should not come out yet.  I heard scuffling at the door and for the next 15 minutes was commanded every few minutes not to come out yet. When I was finally allowed to come out, there he was surrounded by streamers he had decorated with. He had in one hand a bowl of peeled and cut up(with a butter knife) cucumber. In his other hand was a bowl with a pumpkin cookie in it. His beautiful blue eyes were looking at me with so much love and pride in what he had accomplished. I couldn't be more blessed. We may not have a job any more, and things might get stressful at times, but love conquers all.

When I went downstairs after eating the cucumber he so lovingly prepared for me, I was met with homemade presents from other boys along with wishes for a happy birthday. Happy Day. My 13 year old son watered my garden for me and is giving me money to save up for a garden training I would like, and my younger sons gave me change in envelopes to go toward the same cause. Sweet hearts.  My husband asked how he can bless me today, so we are going together to mail off some binders that were ordered and to buy pvc to make watering more efficient in my garden beds.

All through the house my little 5 year old has decorated with streamers. It is a truly happy feeling to be so loved and thought of. No gift could mean more to me.

           How cute is that?

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  1. Those are the best gift's...Priceless! Marlene