Monday, July 9, 2012

Brian's Smoothie Experience

This smoothie is  the one I made for breakfast this morning with Paris Cos Lettuce, strawberries, bananas and water. My Mom engraved this mug for me. I think she should sell them on my website.
Brian has been giving whole foods a real heroic effort this week. He has not had tater tots all week!  For the most part his food has been simple and wholesome.  

This afternoon Brian was feeling a drain in his energy and felt like he wanted some caffeine to get going again. We are getting our home businesses going and can't afford to be tired.  I say he 'felt' like he should have caffeine, but he did not actually have it. He asked me how to make a green smoothie so he could try out if it actually would give him energy.

I went out to the garden and grabbed him some kale, washed it, and put it in the blender that had about 2 cups of water that Brian had prepared. I blended it for him, then he put in 2 bananas and a few cups of berries. 

About 20 minutes later I saw him doing something with a little more spring in his step and asked if he had any more energy than a few minutes ago and he said "YES".  I asked if it would be right for me to blog that the smoothie had given him energy and he agreed. 

Brian is not someone who believes something just because someone tells him it is true. He has to test it and think about it and ponder about it, etc.  He has slowly been coming over to 'the dark side' and his health has shown it. He rarely gets sick anymore and he tells people its because of how we eat. At one point in my health crusades he teasingly called me the 'Health Nazi'. He is a tease and it was funny at the time, but look at where my efforts have gotten us. A healthy strong family. It is a mission in progress as life throws curve balls, but we are on a good path if my husband is asking for a green smoothie instead of a soda. :)

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