Friday, July 6, 2012

Brian's food today and what is going on.

Today was monumental for Brian. He did awesome with his eating , and because of it he may have found a food allergy to wheat. We will try it again a few times, but eating mostly fruits and veggies leaves him feeling fine until he has had his pita. Hmmmm.

Instead of soda today, Brian has been drinking fresh juiced oranges. He likes it so far.

We ate peaches, orange kale juice, and pitas stuffed with veggies today. I made some raw banana ice cream tonight to snack on while I worked on my binder system. It was heavenly.

We didn't eat much, but we are feeling fine. Brian said he is making a real effort to not be putting the normal processed cheese on his pita. We do both have a headache that I think is a mixture of not enough water in the heat and from the cleansing we are doing.  At the reunion I outdid myself on junk, so I have been expecting something to come along from cleaning myself out again. It is natural and will go away.

Tomorrow we are celebrating our anniversary a bit early while our kids are visiting their Grandparents for a cousins party. Brian has built 8 long bows that we are taking to archery shops in Fort Collins to see if they will carry them there. While we are there we will get to eat out. That is quite special while we are counting our pennies these days. It will be fun to spend the day with my sweetheart.

I have been asked to manage a non-profit garden in Fort Collins and will be going to check that out tomorrow too. I don't know how many more things I can add to my incredibly busy schedule, but I think this one would be worth it. It will give me the chance to teach people about my Binder System too.  I am finishing it up and feeling the usefulness of it.  I know it will help people and I am excited to see it.

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