Monday, May 28, 2012

Whole Foods Binder System

I have been putting long hours into my new Whole Foods Binder System. I am good at systems. I thrive on them. When I had put days and days through the last months into this for just my family, it occurred to me that it would help others too!

So, now it is all consuming trying to get it done in a timely manner after I have told people about it who now want it. I want to make it worth their money, and I want it to help them have a whole foods lifestyle.

The system will teach food combining through a color coded system I came up with. It will also teach a recipe/shopping system that I have used for a long time. There will be whole foods tips on each page, and over 60 recipes. It is going to be fantastic!

Gotta get back to it.

Happy Healthy,

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