Monday, May 28, 2012

Back To The Basics Of Life

It is worth mentioning that my husband resigned from his job about a week and a half ago. It was the right thing to do and now we are learning so much!

We have decided to build a home business or two, so we have been working on that.

 The main thing we have been trying to do is learn how to live on less than half of what we were used to. These are some of the things we are doing.

Making our bread or pitas from scratch.
Using way more rice and beans.
Biking everywhere. We bike to church and for errands and groceries.
Hanging the laundry outside to dry.
Keeping the lights off when they aren't being used.
Wearing clothes more than just one day to keep the laundry down.
Oatmeal between meals instead of fruit.
Buying NO extras. We use what we have or do without.
Turned the heat off and are wearing more layers to keep warm.
Keeping showers short.
Planting a garden to keep grocery bill low.
Invested in tools to enable an income.
Riding to the library instead of buying books.
Changing to a more frugal garbage service.
Canceling cable t.v. and landline phone service.
Saying no to every group or club that we can't ride bikes to.
Using up dentist and vision benefits while we still have insurance.
Letting the chickens free range so we don't have to pay to feed them.
Made an adobe oven outside to cook in with our free wood.

I am sure there are other things. These were the ones in the front of my mind. It has been a great experience and we feel so lucky to be together living this wholesome family life. My stress has gone down a great deal having my husband home to help with the 5 boys. He is so good at discipline. We'll see how this goes long term and if it is in God's plans for us to continue this way. For now, I'll take it.

Happy Healthy,


  1. Elisa, It is so great to have such inspiring family members. I have always loved how you and your family use your talents to your best, and your family benefits so much from it. You and your family are a wonderful example to me of how I want to raise my family too, keeping with the basics, and teaching my kids what is really important in life. Living the way our Heavenly Father intended us to, as far as taking advantage of the blessings he has provided in nature, and increasing our knowledge and talents, which results in joy. I love it, and I love your blog, and everything you are doing! Love you! Julia

  2. Thanks for the positives Jules. You are quite inspiring yourself.