Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily Eatin'

My juice today was cucumber, kale and carrots.
Today I have also had an orange and 2 bananas. My body has gotten to a point that it is full of vitamins and minerals and does not cry out for food constantly. I am full on very little as long as it is living food.
Tonight I will be making 4 ingredient tortilla pizzas and I will choose one of the salads I have ingredients for.

My kids and husband have had fruit followed by oatmeal with stevia for breakfast, homemade tortillas with sauteed onions and peppers for lunch, and they will eat what I make for dinner.

On the counter is a pile of carrots and a bowl of almonds that the kids have been snacking on.

Happy Healthy,


  1. Elisa, the Link to your In the Garden of Eatin (dot) com is not functional. I wanna check it out!

  2. I am still working on it. I'll let you know when it is up and going. :)