Friday, May 25, 2012

Natalia Rose book and what I ate yesterday

I just read a book called Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. I highly recommend her book. It teaches about food combination and goes into many facets about detoxification like fasting, colonics, and quick exit foods.

I like that she helps people transition into whole foods through easy steps. She has a scale from 1 to 5 that says where you are and where you want to be. The number 5 is basically the standard American diet, and 1 is someone who only eats raw. I am a number 2, which means I eat raw most of the day with some cooked foods with my dinner.

So, being a number 2, here is what I ate yesterday. Oh, and it is this style of eating that has me within 9 pounds of where I was when I was a fit 17 year old!

Water until noon.

Noon- Green Lemonade

2:00 pm    big bowl of watermelon
(I would have had more fruit but my day got busy at this time)

4 pm   I had a cookie and a yogurt ice cream on my date with my 10 year old boy.

7pm   Guacamole salad   and a cooked bok choy with cashews side dish      

I lost almost a pound today after that day of eating. I love it and I don't feel deprived or hungry!

Happy Healthy,


  1. I would like to know more about not eating anything but water until noon. That goes against everything I've been taught (better to eat breakfast than to skip it, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" kind of thing). I ordered the book by Natalia Rose. I'm excited to learn more. This has been a great journey for me. Thanks for being a part of it and helping me envision what life can be like. It's is possible! When I see your boys eating cucumber sandwiches and salads I think, "See! Kids can be taught the best way, and accept it."

  2. Some days I eat fruit till noon, but on days that I start out with a filling green juice, then I am not hungry again until noon, so I will eat fruit until dinner time. Sometimes I am not ready for a green juice until lunch, so I won't be eating my fruit until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Lately I just go with what my body tells me it needs unless I know that it is an unhealthy choice. When that happens I evaluate it and see how I can make it better. Tonight I was craving something sweet, so I made banana ice cream. I don't have to feel bad about that.

    It has taken years to get my kids to where they are at. It does not have to be a sudden change. I am glad with where I am at now because I don't have to change what we are doing, but my kids can testify to me having changed things a lot when I was trying to figure things out. They were sick of the changes. I think they are just happy to be on the same routine now. They know what to expect for food these days. Your kids will get there too. Just make small changes that stick instead of big ones that are hard to do and are easy to let go of. If I were you, I would leave my diet the same and just start having fruit for breakfast and give oatmeal to those who can't make it until lunch. Do that for a month and then add salads for lunch. One change at a time. :)

  3. As far as breakfast being the most important meal, that could be true if you are eating fruit for that breakfast! :)

    All night long you have been fasting, not eating. To me it makes sense to not get up and fill your body with a heavy meal when it is still getting going in the morning. The fruit digests its self, so it doesn't take a lot of work from your body. If you study the cycle of the body, you will find that morning is an evacuation time. Your body is trying to get rid of yesterdays food at this time. If you add more food, it will mess up this cycle. I believe I read about that in Dr. Christopher's Guide To Colon Health, and in Natalia's book, and in Traci's Transformational Health Principles, and in Dr. Christopher's Home Herbal Health, and in several other books that ring true to me.
    I have been having fruit for breakfast for a couple of years now, and I love it. My boys do the same thing, but they will often make oatmeal if they get hungry in the late morning. There is nothing like slicing up a watermelon for breakfast and having as much as you want. Yum!