Monday, May 13, 2013

What do chickens and smoothies have in common?

When I make juices I feel wasteful throwing away the pulp. One of my juicers came with a recipe book for how to use different pulps but I am not home enough to be baking experiments. Maybe I should look into some of the recipes and sell the baked goods at our Farmers Market but not for now. I am sure there are some yummy concoctions but I need simple right now. Here are two things I do with the leftover pulp from my wonderful juicing.

1. If the juice has any fruit in it (apples, oranges, etc.) then I give the pulp to the chickens or eventually I will be putting it in a compost heap when I get around to doing that.

2. If it is things like carrots, squash, celery or other such vegetables, I add the pulp to a freezer baggie I keep in a special place in my freezer. When the baggie is full of pulp and leftovers from chopping vegetables(onion and garlic skins, potato shavings, carrot tops,etc.) I empty the baggie into a stockpot, cover it with water and boil it for about 20-30 minutes. This recycles my leftovers into a vitamin and mineral rich stock that can be the base for many different soups. I can strain the pulp and vegetable trimmings out after they have boiled and add noodles or sprouted beans, or or or. There are all sorts of possibilities. Use the broth for a pea soup base, or a lentil soup. Freeze it and use it as a substitute when something calls for a broth.

Since doing this I feel like the pulp is being put to good healthy use and I don't have to throw anything out. No waste. I love it.

Happy Healthy,
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