Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healing Diet Video

Video 1 of 2

 Video 2 of 2

May this inspire someone else to do what it takes to heal and gain the health that could be theirs.

Happy Healthy, Elisa


  1. I love you Elisa! I am a hypocrite too. :) I mess up everyday, and I look forward to the time my will power is whole and complete, and I have no desire to mess up anymore. You are inspiring, and encouraging, and I am thankful you are so honest about your journey. I am excited to keep up with you and your kid's challenge. Your awesome!!

  2. Thank you for your uplifting words! This challenge is easier with people like you backing me up. I am still plugging away but most of my boys have stopped. There are so many temptations out there for them and some hard decisions. They don't realize that they are still kind of in healing mode with me because the foods that are available to them 85% of the time are the ones I can have too! :)