Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Minute Stirfry Dinner

 I got home late from the farm and wasn't sure what to eat on this anti-yeast/fungus diet I am on. Pretty much I can't have any dairy, grains or sugars. Wow, the list of things that I can have is pretty small compared with the list of things that have those 3 ingredients in them!  The purpose of the diet is to heal my gut and hopefully get rid of a few pesky things that have been ailing me.
On to the dinner:

I had a stirfry mix in the freezer but it had a flavoring packet in it that was full of preservatives and other things I am staying away from.  I looked through my cupboards at things that I can have and found Apple Cider Vinegar - so I added some of that to the veggies that were frying in coconut oil on the stove. I found some wheat free Tamari Sauce, so I added some of that. Then I added some Vege-sal which is sea salt with dried vegetables that are full of minerals and vitamins.    That's all I added and it was delicious. Before I left for the farm that morning I had put quinoa and water in the rice cooker with a time delay. It was ready to go when we got home, so I ate the stirfry with it and loved how it filled me up and was so taste satisfying. I don't have a lot of time to cook lately, so I appreciate meals that are good for me and quick. It was a yummy end to a long day.

Happy Healthy,

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