Monday, February 4, 2013

Making Yogurt

I barter my breads and veggies for raw milk. It is the only kind of milk I will bring into my home because I know there are no hormones or antibiotics in it and because it has not been pasteurized which kills the nutrients in it and makes it harder to digest.

I usually make all of it into yogurt which makes it even better for the system because of the pre-digestion that happens to it, and for all of the beneficial bacteria which are introduced to the gut which boost our immune systems and help our digestive system perform better.

This video shows how I make my yogurt. I am not an expert and am learning all of the time. I still need to play with temperatures and I should really use a thermometer to make sure I am not killing everything that I am working for (nutrients and healthy bacterias). The yogurt turns out wonderful every time despite not being a pro. All in all I have made yogurt for under 6 months.

To watch the video go HERE.

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