Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bling My Way To Health

I have this new idea that is helping me to stick to my eating plan.
I know how I should be eating, but temptation loves to get in the way and derail my best laid plans. I often have goal charts and incentives to help me and now I have come up with a fun one that has kept me motivated. It is all about bling.

I have a clip board and a backpack that are with me wherever I go. When I have projects I am working on (like planning a greenhouse) the papers are with me on my clipboard. The problem is that my clipboard is plain old wood and is kinda boring. I like things with color and personality and that are made 'mine'. I have put stickers on things before to personalize them but now I have taken that a step further. I now EARN my stickers to put on my clipboard so that every time I see how it is decorated I remember the days that my eating plan went well. I see the hard work that I have done plastered over my clipboard. I have other places I am going to put stickers too when the clipboard is full of stickers showing my progress. Eat according to plan for a day = 1 sticker.

My sister in law gave me another idea. I don't have to keep this to stickers. I can Bedazzle my backpack and clothes too! She bought me a small Bedazzler and I have earned 2 "dazzles" to put on my backpack.

This might not work for the more macho among you. I'm not sure how to help you. I am sure stickers and bling won't do it for you. Sorry. Maybe you could do some other sort of collection to show your progress on health goals. Maybe if the stickers were funny sayings or pictures of guns....

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