Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Tell me more about the Whole Foods Binder System"

 This is my reply to the question I was asked today. I thought I could share it with you too.

Question:  "I am very interested in your notebook... Tell me more about it."


"The Binder System is what happened when I wanted to feed my family well and was overwhelmed with lots of recipes and food combination techniques. I was organizing my healthy recipes into a binder so I could take out the recipes for the week and post them on my wall to make it easier. I was color coding each recipe for how it worked in food combining when it dawned on me that other people would benefit from the work I was doing. I then undertook the major effort to type up each recipe and add directions. While I was doing that I realized that I couldn't leave it at just recipes but I would have to also explain 'why' I was feeding myself and my family in the way I do, and how to use the food combination system. I added shopping tips and food budgeting tips, and everything else I could think of at the time that would be helpful for people wanting to feed their families well and lose weight and gain energy in the process. It was months of work every day. Brian did not have a job, so he was able to take care of my other Mom duties until I finished it.

When my family moved to the farm, we became penniless and had to start relying on whatever food we could get - most of it being given to us at the time. We were in survival mode pretty much. We were grateful for the food but it wasn't the kind of food that supported the healthy lifestyle we were used to. I began putting on weight and we started getting sick more frequently.

A few months ago I started selling bread and vegetables from my greenhouse and we started having more of an income. I was able to go to a natural healer to get on a cleanse and we have been able to start eating like the Binder system shows how to do. I was actually very excited to pull out the Binder and start using it again. I had been thinking for a few days that I needed to get some healthy recipes together and start using a system to make sure we always had good options to consume rather than eating whatever was fastest and most convenient. I got out the Binder and was tickled to use it. It is exactly what I need and I hope it helps other people too.

I have been losing weight again since employing the techniques I talk about in the Binder, and have had more energy. I am still working through some of the health problems that have crept up since not eating well but I am confident that I will be able to move past them. There is always food to eat because of the tips on food prep. that I have been employing, and I am not so burdened with trying to figure out what to eat.

I am in the process of adding more recipes for the Spring. They will include more in season veggies and tips on how to prepare them. The Whole Foods Binder System teaches less of a reliance on meat and dairy and more intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. You don't have to be completely rid of meat and dairy, just have less of it. I explain why in the front of the Binder. I don't go into too much detail because the main idea of the Binder is the techniques of how to eat healthy. I give lots of resources in the back of the Binder if you want to become more well read on the 'why's' of whole foods. There are about 80 pages of 'why's' in the Binder and the rest is recipes."

A few things I forgot to mention in my response. I am continually improving the Binder. As I do so, I will be sending out any improvements or changes to everyone who has a copy. So, if you have a copy and want to suggest a change or improvement I am all ears. The same goes with the recipes. If you find something that isn't quite right or if you have ideas for how to make them better, I will take it into consideration. Some of my friends have added spices and herbs to dress up some of the recipes and I love how it has turned out. I am quite busy with the farm, but when I have time I have been working on improving and adding to the Binder.

Also, I forgot to mention the 'Stages' within the Binder. This System is designed to take anyone from the Standard American Diet and move through stages towards healthier options which equal a healthier life. It can be as gradual as you want and as fast or slow as you want to take it. It also provides for compromise within the family unit. Some members of the family may want to go more slowly than you in change of diet, or not change at all. Dietary changes can be the most difficult changes you make in your lifetime. The food you eat can be very dear to some people and hard to give up. The Binder makes allowances for those differences within the family. You can also choose which 'Stage' is best for you to stay on.

I have had good feedback from people using the Binder System. It is fun to create something that will help others. :)

More information about the Whole Foods Binder System can be found at my website

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