Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gathering Heirloom Seeds from the garden

 This was the first plant I put in this spring. It is a Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce plant.  I had gotten the seeds from my Dad from his garden last year. I think that is totally awesome! I have been letting it grow long after it was at it's tasty stage so I could harvest the seeds. I was excited that it was finally time.

I called my sons over for a lesson in seed gathering. They got into it right away.

I explained to them where the seeds had come from and how to get them off.

Intensely concentrating. :)

4 of the 5 boys were there to help. As we worked there were seeds falling into the bed so we ended up pulling the plant out and moving to the picnic table. We were much more efficient there.

At the table. When the seeds fall we could gather them from the table top.

This is the result of our work. I put them on a paper towel in a dark place to dry out. Tomorrow they will be dry and I can separate the seeds from the chaff.

Then I will put them in an opaque container so they won't see the light and keep them cool until next spring. I actually might plant some this fall. :) I think that is so cool.

I have other plants that I will be harvesting seeds from too and I am excited!


  1. Very fun! I have some heirloom onions, that went to seed, I had 3 plants and got hundreds of seeds off of each of them. Its so wonderful, that one plant will give off seeds for hundreds of offspring!

  2. Love your boys, they are so willing to help.