Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall planting

My family is moving to a farm  in Fort Collins, CO! This is a major life change for us and you are going to be taken on a ride as I blog about it. :)

Fall is coming quickly. I can feel in the cool breezes that we do not have much time left before frosts and cooler temperatures. Sounds like the perfect time to plant a garden, right?!   It is true. Many things can be planted now if you hurry up about it and if your frost date will allow for it. It will start frosting here about September 30. Some things will do o.k. with some frost like Swiss Chard and Spinach, but some others will need to be covered when it is getting cool later on. 

I am planting radishes, carrots, swiss chard, leaf lettuce, beets, kohlrabi, green onions, turnips, spinach, kale, cilantro, parsley and basil. Later in the season I put up pvc hoops and cover them with plastic to keep the frost off until I can harvest. I can also put straw down on the carrots and be harvesting them through Christmas!

In my next post I will show you pictures of my garden at the farm. It is coming along nicely but it is hot so I am having to water several times a day to keep the seeds moist. It would help if I had yards of burlap to put over the seeds. I could water through it and it would keep the seedlings more moist than without it. It would also make watering easier. The burlap would make the water spread out and not be so forceful on the seeds.

Back to watering....

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