Thursday, January 2, 2014

How I hang on to my Marbles

     We made the Don't Lose Your Marbles 28 Day Nutritional Program/Game available yesterday! If you don't know what I am talking about or want more details you can read about it HERE.

    This is an example of what I think an ideal day of eating would look like. Your day might look totally different. Many days I lose my marbles because I have not eaten enough fruits and veggies. That usually happens when I eat too many starchy foods and am not hungry for the nutritious stuff. It is definitely a learning experience to try and earn all of your marbles and get the nutrition that is recommended by doctors such as Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Christopher and many many others. I did not make up the checklist. I took from dozens of books I read and made a list of what the body needs to be getting daily. You can read those books too. I made a list of some them in the front of the Rules/Checklist notebook. You can get it for $2 as an instant download HERE.

    This post is to show a sample day of how you could earn all of your marbles. Remember that this would be considered an advanced day.  You don't have to earn all of your marbles every day, only if you are ready for that commitment. Playing the Don't Lose Your Marbles game can be done at many levels. You can focus on earning all of the possible marbles for the day or focus on getting one certain marble that appeals to you.

 This is how I make sure I don't Lose My Marbles:)

 I juice a lemon and drink it (liver cleanse)

  • lemon =1 fruit point

Twenty minutes after my lemon liver cleanse I drink

  •  2 cups of water=2 water points

I eat fruit or a vegetable juice when I am hungry until noon. Sometimes I make this in the form of a smoothie and I can add my flax, and a serving of greens, and a few fruits.

  • 3 fruit points
  • 1 flax point
  • 1 veggie point
  • 1 vegetable juice point

Before every meal I take a probiotic, an enzyme and 1/3 of my herbs/vitamins. When I take them I drink a cup or more of water.

  • 3 probiotic points
  • 3 enzyme points
  • 3 supplement points
  • 3 water points

If I am super hungry before noon I will have a cup of oatmeal, baked seasoned potatoes, or an omelet with lots of veggies. For this sample day I will not add the starch, veggie or protein points these foods would add. It's not a negative at all to get these points. I usually am just not hungry for them. That can vary with your body size and your activity level.

 At the same time every morning I either do T-Tapp for 15 minutes to 45 minutes or walk on the treadmill.

When I am hungry after noon I make a huge salad or vegetable soup or both!  My salads vary every day with what I have in stock. I like lots of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, red or green onions, peppers, sprouts, etc. The more greens you have the less extra weight you will carry on your body.
I also add beans,nuts, flax, and nutritional yeast to this salad. I already added the flax point to my smoothie above, so I will not add it here. I usually add some sort of a dressing that I write down in the Not Marbleous foods section.
A boiled egg or baked chicken could be added to this salad for a protein point but I am usually not hungry for it. My boys and husband usually like to have a protein source though.

  • 1 veggie point
  • 1 bean point
  • 1 nut point
  • 1 other supplement point

 By this time in the day I have earned most of my marbles, so I only eat if I am hungry. If I do eat something it is a steamed veggie and more salad . Often I add butter to my steamed veggie, so I write that in the Non -Marbleous foods section. 

  • 1 veggie point

Tip: To make sure I get all of my water marbles I have a half gallon jug that equals 8 cups. I fill it and make sure I drink the entire thing that day. If I make a green juice or something, I use the water from my jug. I like to put flavored stevia in my jug in the morning. My favorites are grape and orange.:)

There you have it! A day in an ideal day of mine. I hope this gives you an idea how you can keep from Losing Your Marbles too! :)

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