Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wednesday June 02, 2010

The weekend was full of unhealthy traveling food. I did make many good decisions like snacking on ice water to keep me awake while driving instead of caffeine and only stopping for fast food once. The fast food made us all feel yucky.

Ben made broccoli soup and rice at Mom's house and it was totally delicious even though we used vegetable broth and rice milk instead of their less healthy counterparts.

I am home now and struggling to get back on track. My belly is slightly distended from eating foods that don't easily digest and my energy levels are low. I am on a good track today and will post that tomorrow. For now, here is what I ate yesterday.

Before 10:00
apple cider vinegar/honey drink
red raspberry leaf herbal tea
berry smoothie

After noon:
kashi crackers - these were left from the traveling. Sprouted whole wheat crackers
would have been better for the digestive system.
mints - my sugar cravings are back because of my weekend traveling diet. I am
so glad that they don't have to stay!

Nature's burger (dried mixture that you blend with boiling water and fry like a burger)
white bread burger bun (it was soft and pleasant to bite into but I know that it is glue in the intestines)
bbq sauce
dijon mustard
steak seasoning

Spring mix salad
grape tomatoes
Annie's Naturals ceasar salad dressing

more mints

Here's to doing better every day and looking forward, not back.

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