Thursday, June 17, 2010

6-14-10 through 6-16-10

My kids and I are on an apple juice cleanse so this day
I had 2 cups of prune juice first thing in the morning and
then alternated between apple juice and water every hour until
6 pm.
That was all I was going to do but the boys and I decided to
also have something for dinner so we had rice noodles with cheese.
I know- cheese is almost the worst thing you could have on a cleanse
but this blog is all about being honest about my whole foods intake.
Sometimes I don't do very well on it and sometimes I'm a rockstar!

We did the cleanse for 3 days and each day had something for dinner.
The second day was sweet potatoes and onions, and the third day was
mashed potatoes. We should have had just raw veggies but we are running low on fresh things. It is halfway through the month and we only travel to get groceries once a month. We are excited for the garden's progress so we can have fresh stuff way more often.

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